Invitation to a public meeting

At 7pm. on Wednesday 19th October at the Parish Hall

There will be a presentation by CarerLinks, a not-for-profit registered charity providing care at home and support services for carers and people with care needs.
This organisation is dedicated to providing support to those in our communities who need care and to the carers, many of whom are unrecognised let alone supported. The presentation will be short – perhaps 15 minutes – followed by questions.
Search ‘CarerLinks Herefordshire’ for more background information. Even if you are not a carer yourself, you are likely to know someone who is and what you pick up at the presentation may be helpful to them.

We now have four defibrillators in the Parish and plans for more. While they are said to be easy to use, if you have an emergency and might be in a position to save a life it is unlikely that you
will be able to spare the time to read the instructions. Would it not be much better if you were familiar with the operation of the defibrillator before the need to use one?
That is the opportunity. Paramedics will be at the Parish Hall to show us all how to use the machines and to familiarise ourselves with their operation. Without being over dramatic, your attendance may save a life.

Aymestrey Parish Council