Aymestrey Parish Commons Association

Work Party 11 November

While we have cleared a path from the cottage up to the bench at the top of Yatton Hill, the time for further path clearing will be in the Spring. However, the Aymestrey Parish Commons Association (‘APCA’) never sleeps, and we are arranging a work party at Yatton Marsh (the east end) next Saturday 12th November.

The time will be from 9.30, finishing no later than 12. The aim is to clear some unwanted undergrowth of brambles, bindweed and ground elder for the benefit of wildlife and other flora.  Any saws and hedge trimmer will be on site, please bring loppers and secateurs. Gloves are strongly advised and it might well be wet underfoot – the clue is in the name.

Asking for volunteers to help the enterprise.  Please come if you are willing and able!

Ian Goddard



Catalytic Converter Marking

Information from the Safer Neighbourhood Team.

On Saturday 12th November 2022 between the hours of 1000-1300, Leominster safer neighbourhood team will be working in conjunction with Bennetts Vehicle services to offer this catalytic converter marking session.  This will be by appointment only, due to the time needed for each vehicle.

The session will be held at Leominster Police station and will involve Bennetts Vehicle service getting underneath the car (the vehicle will likely need to go on ramps) and then using either a Smartwater marking kit or a Selecta security marking kit to mark the catalytic converter. This will take about 20 minutes in total. 

Please note not all catalytic converters can be marked due to the design of the car. With this in mind we would ask that you check to see whether it necessary to mark your make and model of vehicle to prevent any wasted journeys.  For example; some manufactures have already taken steps to protect catalytic converters by housing them inside secured boxes and so it is unnecessary to mark these catalytic converters. 

There are limited spaces so if you would like to book a place, please contact Leominster Safer Neighbourhood team at and a member of the team will get back to you. 

On behalf of Leominster Safer Neighbourhood team. 


Affordable discounted market properties near Hereford

Information from Herefordshire Council.
Please click on the image to download a copy.


Draft Budget 2023-24

Image of spreadsheet

The draft budget for the next financial year has been uploaded for residents to see.
It will be finalised, and the precept set, at the next Parish Council meeting on 23 November.
Members of public are welcome to attend.

Draft Budget 2023-2024


Invitation to a public meeting

At 7pm. on Wednesday 19th October at the Parish Hall

There will be a presentation by CarerLinks, a not-for-profit registered charity providing care at home and support services for carers and people with care needs.
This organisation is dedicated to providing support to those in our communities who need care and to the carers, many of whom are unrecognised let alone supported. The presentation will be short – perhaps 15 minutes – followed by questions.
Search ‘CarerLinks Herefordshire’ for more background information. Even if you are not a carer yourself, you are likely to know someone who is and what you pick up at the presentation may be helpful to them.

We now have four defibrillators in the Parish and plans for more. While they are said to be easy to use, if you have an emergency and might be in a position to save a life it is unlikely that you
will be able to spare the time to read the instructions. Would it not be much better if you were familiar with the operation of the defibrillator before the need to use one?
That is the opportunity. Paramedics will be at the Parish Hall to show us all how to use the machines and to familiarise ourselves with their operation. Without being over dramatic, your attendance may save a life.

Aymestrey Parish Council


Drainage Works – Road closure – Haven Lane

Message received from Balfour Beatty. Click on the image for a larger copy of the map.

The road will be closed 24hours a day from Tuesday 6 September 2022 to (and including) Tuesday 27 September 2022.

The fully signed diversion route is via Haven Lane / C1009 Wigmore / A4110 Aymestrey / Haven Lane and vice versa. Please see the attached map for your information.

BBLP will do all we can to assist with access, although there may be periods of time when access to homes, businesses or other premises will not be possible or there may be delays. You can get help and guidance from the designated marshals who are on site.

The programme of work may change in certain circumstances, such as bad weather. This may happen at short notice and without further notification. All changes will be highlighted on the advance warning signs, which you’ll find onsite at the roadworks. For the most up to date information on roadworks across the county, please visit You can also follow us on Twitter via @HfdsStreets and Facebook via Herefordshire Highways.

If you have any questions about these works, please use the Contact Us form on the Herefordshire Council website. This can be found at Alternatively, call us on 01432 261800.


2-bed Housing Association Properties

Connexus Housing has advised the Parish Council that it is working on new builds (Housing Association) properties in Orleton. The properties have a local connection tie.
If you have a local connection, and would be interested in a 2-bed new build, please contact HomePoint
Telephone: 01432 260300
Or contact Hollie Clift at Connexus Housing


For more information and to take part in the survey, visit the Commonplace website.

To download the poster, please click on the image.



New benches have been provided by the Parish Council at Leinthall Earls …

… and in the Churchyard at St John The Baptist & St Alkmund, Aymestrey.

Thanks are due to the photographer and to those who installed the benches.


The Annual Canvass is in progress!

Information received from The Electoral Services Officer, Herefordshire Council:

This year’s Annual Canvass has started. Over the course of July we will be contacting all 89,000 households in Herefordshire to check their details for the Electoral Register, as required by law.

We will be sending over 50,000 communications via email and text message where possible, and posting out hardcopy forms as necessary.

Last year we received a number of queries as to the authenticity of the email domain. The email will arrive to electors from and will contain a link directing them to the online web response ( This email is genuine and the link is safe to click.

There will be two separate letters going out:

  1. One that requires a response under any circumstances. We believe there might be updates and changes in these households. For any households who do not initially respond, we will be chasing further – including sending a canvass form with a pre-paid envelope and, if no response, knocking on doors as necessary.
  2. One that requires a response ONLY if the details we already have are incorrect. We believe there are no changes to report in these households. This letter is only sent if we have been unable to get a response using emails and texts.

As a response is not necessarily required, all we are asking the public to do is to please read their correspondence carefully and follow the instructions.

We are of course promoting responses (where required) by internet but are well aware this is not for everybody, so we have telephone and SMS options for them.

We are grateful for any assistance you can give to any of our residents that might need help, and also with any wider publicity. You can also view the annual canvass FAQs at

Electoral Services can be contacted on 01432 260107 or with any issues.

Many thanks.