Defibrillator Finder Map showing location of defibrillators.

Leominster Safer Neighbourhood Team – Local Police contacts.
Team email –
Pcso Gareth Maddox 6436 07976938951
Pcso Adam Michniok 6379 07773048272
Pcso Steph Harper 6440 07773043483

Ditches and Drainage – Your Responsibilities from Balfour Beatty
Riparian Owner – Good Maintenance Guidance from Balfour Beatty
Watercourse Management – guidance for landowners from Environment Agency
Riparian Tree Management – guidance from Environment Agency
Information on River Wye water quality from Environment Agency

Flood Warning Service – Environment Agency.
Floodline 0345 988 1188
Website –
Email –
Herefordshire Council flooding web pages.
Property Flood Resilience information/grants
Flooding guidance shared by Herefordshire Council

The Environment Agency – reporting trees/debris in the river Lugg
If trees are preventing flow, and causing the river to back up and flood, it should be reported to the incident hotline.
If the trees are in the river, and need removing, but not causing a major issue, it should be reported to enquiries.
If it is not clear which criteria applies, send reports to with photographs if possible & details of location.
It may be reported by telephone to General Enquiries. 03708 506 506
General Enquiries Telephone: 03708 506 506
Incident Hotline 0800 80 70 60 (Freephone, 24 hour service)

Public Rights of Way: Landowner Responsibilities
The Countryside Code: Advice for Countryside Visitors
Hedgerows and Verges in Herefordshire – CPRE 2021
Countryside hedgerows: protection and management – GOV.UK website

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