Aymestrey Parish Commons Association

Work Party 11 November

While we have cleared a path from the cottage up to the bench at the top of Yatton Hill, the time for further path clearing will be in the Spring. However, the Aymestrey Parish Commons Association (‘APCA’) never sleeps, and we are arranging a work party at Yatton Marsh (the east end) next Saturday 12th November.

The time will be from 9.30, finishing no later than 12. The aim is to clear some unwanted undergrowth of brambles, bindweed and ground elder for the benefit of wildlife and other flora.  Any saws and hedge trimmer will be on site, please bring loppers and secateurs. Gloves are strongly advised and it might well be wet underfoot – the clue is in the name.

Asking for volunteers to help the enterprise.  Please come if you are willing and able!

Ian Goddard