Research on behalf of Herefordshire Council

From Impact Consultancy and Research

This information has been circulated to key community contacts and organisations including food banks and debt advice support, parish council clerks and all ward members.

We are currently undertaking research on behalf of Herefordshire Council to identify the impact of COVID on local families. In particular we would really like to hear from working families that have experienced very difficult times financially – maybe for the first time. Have you experienced any of the following as a direct result of Covid 19:
• Been unable to pay household bills or buy sufficient food for your family
• Difficulty in paying mortgage or rent
• Inability to work due to having children at home
• Inability to work due to illness (either Covid or another illness)
• Redundancy or reduced working hours
• Loss or closure of business if you are self-employed

Families have faced huge challenges as a result of the Pandemic, and for many this had led to financial difficulties that have never been faced before. Herefordshire Council and partners can offer support but they need to understand what support will be most valuable to ensure that resources are not wasted.

Between 8th February and 17th February we want to talk to between 20-25 families. We want to listen to your story and how and why you have been impacted. We also want to understand what support would be most useful to you – this will help ensure that the Herefordshire Council and partners are able to offer the best support in the future.

Please reply to Claire Carter,, if you are willing to participate in this research. We will then contact you by telephone at a time that is convenient for you. All participants will receive a £20 supermarket voucher.

Many thanks
Sarah Fishbourne
Impact Consultancy and Research
07855 492066 or 01432 860323